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Seafood Boil

I’ve been wanting to have a seafood boil for a long, long time and I finally got my chance to have one last Sunday.  We went to a certain seafood restaurant last month and were extremely disappointed by the food and the service so I’ve decided that if I’m ever craving for seafood, I’ll just make it myself.  Too bad Chong’s allergic to shellfish so he wasn’t able to have any–but he did have roasted pork and duck so he wasn’t complaining.

Chong and I went shopping and got fresh lobsters, dungeness crabs, shrimp,clams and chorizo at Dragon Star (an Asian grocery store).  We also bought some sweet corn from the Farmer’s Market.  I found my mom’s huge pot and threw some fresh-from-the-garden carrots and sweet onions.  I also cut up a few lemons and threw them in, along with 1 bottle of Heineken, since that’s all we had on hand.  And there was lots and lots of salt.  Brought that to a boil and added my potatoes and sweet corn.  Then added the lobsters and crabs (and yes, Chong killed them before adding them into the pot), clams, shrimps, and sausage.  35 minutes later, everything was cooked.  We ate outside, on a newspaper lined table, and everything was delicious!

And this is what we had for dessert: lychees and rambutans.  Rambutans are my favorite fruit.  Their flesh is thicker than the lychee and has a sweet and tart flavor.  The annoying thing about eating rambutans is the seed–which looks similar to an almond.  Lychees have this strange aftertaste for me so I’m not that big of a fan.


My Mom’s Garden

I got the chance to visit my mom’s garden for the first time this month.  I wasn’t able to take pictures of all the stuff she grows because I was too busy harvesting all the goodies.  I love late summer because that’s when everything is in season.  And yes, her garden is located near a pond.  Here are some pictures of what she has at her garden:


Hello everyone! I’m back! Things have been super busy these past months and so much has happened. I started a new job and my hours are later than what I’m used to. Chong and I moved and although we’ve been living in our new home for about 2 months now, our house is still a mess. I haven’t been cooking or baking much–partly due to time, the weather, being lazy, no motivation, etc. Rest assured, I have lots of ideas of what I want to make and will be doing a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. I also had to buy a new laptop because mine was old and Chong’s laptop didn’t want to work properly. Here’s a teaser of what I’ve been up to lately: