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Welcome home!

What a weekend it’s been. I just have one word to sum everything up: hectic. Chong and I are finally fully moved in but are still not done unpacking. Is there such a thing as being completed done unpacking?

I wanted to thank my parents, family and friends who helped us moved. It only took 3 hours to get everything moved to our new house. I also wanted to thank our great realtor, Steve, who is awesome and very, very patient. And also Rachel from our mortgage company. She was great and answered all our questions and was also very patient. The seller, who is also a real estate agent, was quite impressed with how fast Rachel and her company worked that he is now going to refer his clients to them.
Like I said, it’s been a very hectic three days. Lots of cleaning, shopping, and organizing. We haven’t even gotten any rooms in the house fully organized yet. Everything is half or almost done. We just got new rugs today and will pick them up tomorrow so hopefully the living room will be ready. We still don’t have any internet yet so I’m blogging from my phone. I have to call my internet provider later tonight.
I’ll post up pictures when everything looks more presentable. I have hundreds of boxes and bags everywhere. Chong and I are p Continue reading


One More Week To Go

Sorry of the lack of updates. Chong and I have been extremely busy this past month trying to get everything in order. We’ve been packing, cleaning, and buying things that we think we need (more like what we want). Chong’s been getting all our paperwork ready and calling all the utility companies–I really do appreciate the fact that he knows what needs to get done and does it without having me to ask him. He’s in Michigan right now visiting his family while I’m in Minnesota finishing all the little things.  I wasn’t able to go with him due to my job but they will probably visit us this summer.  That’s it for now.  Will definitely update you when we close in 6 days.