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Product Review Coming Soon

CSN Stores has given me another opportunity to review another one of their product available from their website.  CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need, whether it be “outdoor playsets” , purses or shoes! Stay tuned!


Summit Brewery Tour

Chong and I went to the Summit Brewery Tour back in January and we had so much fun! The tour was about 30-45 minutes long and then each (legal) person got 3 free 10 ounce beer of his or her choosing. I’m not much of a beer drinker but it was a great experience and the beer was mighty tasty. Next time we go, we’re planning on taking a bunch of friends and family with us.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill Review

It’s good to be back!  Chong and I have been extremely busy these past few weeks due to a death in the family and traveling out of state to visit his family.  Now that almost everything is back to normal, expect me to blog more often.  For some reason, my camera’s usb cord isn’t working so I had to buy a new one on eBay so there probably won’t be any videos up for a while.

So on with the program.  I received my Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill from CSN Stores a while back and have used it quite frequently since then.  The verdict:  I absolutely LOVE it!  It grills everything to perfection and it’s so easy  to assemble and use.  A quick wash after every use and it’s good to go.  The only con I have is I wish the drip pan was a little bigger but that’s not a big deal.  Hot Pot, here I come!  Here are some pictures I remembered to take while grilling: