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Chicago Part II

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Chicago:

Our hotel room at the Hyatt Place in Itasca.  This was one of the biggest hotel room I’ve been in.  It had two sides, one for the double beds/sink/& bathroom and the other for a couch, table, fridge & sink.  I loved our hotel and will definitely be staying there again whenever I’m in Chicago.

We’ve finally reached our destination after a 1.2 mile confusing and disorienting walk.  All I wanted was some                ice cream!

The hallway/A slice of deep dish pizza

Mitsuwa’s parking lot


BBQ eel (My brother and I both bought 2 each–he finished his in 1 week)

A Japanese restaurant/menu inside Mitsuwa

Korean restaurant/menu

Freshly prepared sushi!

Chong’s dinner of BBQ eel/My brother and my dinner of sushi

The elk grove we drove by

Chongs’s day at the ball game

The yummiest mussels I’ve ever eaten at Maggiano’s Little Italy