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How to pick the perfect watermelon

I love late summers because watermelons are so abundant.  I’ve always had the hardest time picking out the perfect watermelon–they were never sweet/ripe/too watery/etc.–until I asked my mom what her secret was.  Her secret to picking out the yummiest, sweetest, ripest watermelon is not by knocking it–which I don’t even understand how that works–or smelling it or by how large it is; it’s by choosing the watermelon with the smallest hole on the opposite end of the stem.  If you look at a watermelon closely, you’d notice that there’s a small, round, black hole on the polar opposite of the stem (that’s where the flower fell off).  The smaller the hole, the riper and sweeter the watermelon is.  I’ve never picked out a bad watermelon after learning my mom’s secret.

*Don’t let these pictures fool you because of the poor lighting.  The pictured watermelon may not look as red but it was extremely sweet.*

I want to hear what your method for picking out a perfect watermelon is.  And if you actually do pay some sort of attention to my ramblings and end up picking a watermelon using my mom’s method, I would love to hear how that turned out for you.


Chocolate Chip Cookies Video

Who doesn’t love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?  With this easy and delicious recipe, you can make them whenever you want.  Here’s the recipe and pictorial.

Steamed Rice Rolls (Fawm Kauv) Video

Fawm Kauv, one of my favorite food.  Enjoy the video!  Here’s the pictorial.

Zucchini Bread Video

If you can’t tell that it’s summer by the hot weather we’ve having then you can surely tell by what vegetables are in season.  I got some zucchinis from the Farmer’s Market just to make zucchini bread.  Enjoy!  Here’s the Zucchini Bread pictorial.

Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Video

My very first video instruction on how to make ice cream!!!  I’m still trying to get used to how things work and since this is my first video, it won’t be perfect but enjoy it nevertheless!  Let me know what you think.  Hopefully, there’ll be more to come in the future.  PS, Don’t mind my different forms of communication.  I know it’s a bit weird but I’m still trying to see what will work best.