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My Garden

I got my green thumb from my mom because she’s always gardening so when Chong and I got our own place, with a balcony, I just had to have my little container garden.  So with a little help, I ended up with a row full of plants and flowers.  These are the plants I grew last year:

Banana tree–I had 1 big tree (pictured) and two little babies but somehow, the big tree died and now I’m left with the two smaller ones and 1 baby tree.

Extremely hot Thai peppers

Cherry tomatoes

More cherry tomatoes (right) Grape tomatoes (left)

Close up







The only sad thing about my plants is that since we live on the 3rd floor, our balcony only gets a certain amount of sunlight for a certain time.  2nd and 1st floor gets full sunlight for most of the day.  I’m so insanely jealous!  Oh well.

Remember that beautiful container of lemongrass?  Guess what happened when it got colder and I moved it inside?  I over-watered it and it DIED!!!!  I was so sad!   All that watering and grooming and letting it grow only to watch it die.  No more lemongrass for me.

I got my little garden organized 2 weeks ago and for now, I have more flowers than anything else.  Just went out and bought a rosemary and thyme plant but I don’t have any dirt so they’ll have to wait a day or two until I plant them.  I’m waiting for my mom to give me some Thai pepper plants and basil plants.  No more tomatoes for me this year.

This is what I have in my garden so far this year:

Two banana trees + 1 hidden baby tree + 1 teeny tiny little banana sprout


I don’t know what kind these are but they’re pink

More petunias

I don’t know what these are called either

No idea what these are but they haven’t bloomed yet.  I don’t know how the middle one (petunia) got planted there

More petunias (light purple)

White daisies (just planted from seed 1 week ago)

Newest addition:  Thyme (right) Rosemary (left)

My sad sad ginger : (

I am thinking about uprooting my ginger and planting it at my parents’ house because for some reason, it’s just not growing.  The smaller one is somewhat growing but the bigger one isn’t.  Will update during late summer to see how everything’s growing.