Exciting News

Chong and I have some very exciting news to share.  No, we’re not pregnant or expecting our first child.  However…….we are expecting to be first time home owners soon!  Our offer has been accepted and our home inspection is scheduled for Monday.  We plan to close on April 25, which is also our 5 year anniversary.  What a great anniversary present to ourselves.

It’s been a very long and somewhat short journey but definitely a wild roller coaster ride.  We actually starting looking 2 years ago but decided to put it in the back burner 2 summers ago.  This February, we started the process again and actually found a few houses that we liked.  This is actually the second house that we both really like (Chong loves the house a little bit more than me) and the first house that we put an offer in.  There was already a first offer on the house, ours was the second offer and then we heard from our realtor, Steve, that there was a 3rd offer made after ours.  We didn’t hear anything (which was a bad sign) for two days.  Then we were notified that the sellers were going with someone else.  Our hopes were dashed but we moved on.

On Thursday, Chong called me early in the morning and said that Steve had just been contacted by the seller and the seller wanted to know if we were still interested in the house.  We jumped on the chance and made an offer.  Of course, they counter offered and we counter offered again.  They accepted our offer and the paperwork was signed on Thursday evening.  Can you believe that it’s only been a month since we got back into the house hunting game, 2 weeks since the house came on the market, 1.5 weeks since our hopes were dashed and 3 days ago when the paperwork was signed?  I’m so glad that part is over and will be relieved once we’re done with the closing.  The fun part was looking at all the houses, the nerve wrecking part was actually after we put the offer in since we didn’t want the house to fall through our hands again.

I promise more blog posts and videos for my YouTube channel in the near future.  I can’t wait to start sharing with you again!


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  1. Anonymous on

    omg…mee…I’m so happy with your news! its been ages and i now have three kids. two older ones are boys. last ones a girl. All my kids are in school…preschool included. my girl looks like me but don’t like me as much as her daddy. sad but true. im so glad i decided to check your blog and just saw your reply. im so jealously happy for your new home. Congratulations! I agree that we have to get together……ill call you soon. i really want to catch up.


    • adoseofmee on

      Thanks, Ger. I’ll definitely give you a call to see if you and your family can come for our house warming party. We’re thinking maybe in May or June. And aren’t most girls daddy’s girl until they’re older?

  2. Ger Vang on

    omg….im so jealously happy for you and your new home…congrats. I REALLY WANT TO CATCH UP. email me your number….to answer your question ..i have three children. two older ones are my boys. last ones my baby girl. looks like me but prefers her daddy. sad but true. i didn’t know you have a YouTube channel. just checked out the rice roll vid. yep….i remember a time or two when i was helping you make some! YES WE ALSO SHOULD GET TOGETHER ONE DAY. email me……

    • adoseofmee on

      Rice rolls are now one of Chong’s least favorite food because he says I make it too often. The poor spoiled brat. 🙂 And he’s well aware of how good he has is.

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