I’m Still Alive!

I’m still alive–I’ve just been so busy this week baking for the in-laws, my cookie swap partner, and just because that I barely had time for anything else–much less, sleep!  I doubt my in-laws read my blog so I think it’s safe to post up pictures of what I’ve been baking…and if for some reason they do read my blog, oh well, I guess it won’t be a surprise anymore.

The gum drop tree was for a few of my co-workers (I made 3), the Raspberry Almond Thumbprints and package was for my cookie swap partner, the cinnamon applesauce Christmas ornaments are for me, the box of cookies was a treat I brought in to work, the bag and mint chocolate chip cookies was my treat from my cookie swap partner and most everything else is for the in-laws.  Some stuff not pictured are:  carrot cake, zucchini bread, Too Much Chocolate cake, and a Christmas ornament package.  I just mailed it today so now I can get some rest.

I have some exciting news that I’ll have to share later so stay tuned!


3 comments so far

  1. cyaj on

    Beautiful. I can never bake my cookies right. I guess I will stick to making banana bread..lol.

    • adoseofmee on

      Thanks. I love the way the chocolate chip cookies turned out…thick, chewy, and crispy. Banana bread is always yummy!

  2. EmmerTT on

    Now i’m craving for some zebra cookies with icings and sprinkles! Yumm!!

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