How to pick the perfect watermelon

I love late summers because watermelons are so abundant.  I’ve always had the hardest time picking out the perfect watermelon–they were never sweet/ripe/too watery/etc.–until I asked my mom what her secret was.  Her secret to picking out the yummiest, sweetest, ripest watermelon is not by knocking it–which I don’t even understand how that works–or smelling it or by how large it is; it’s by choosing the watermelon with the smallest hole on the opposite end of the stem.  If you look at a watermelon closely, you’d notice that there’s a small, round, black hole on the polar opposite of the stem (that’s where the flower fell off).  The smaller the hole, the riper and sweeter the watermelon is.  I’ve never picked out a bad watermelon after learning my mom’s secret.

*Don’t let these pictures fool you because of the poor lighting.  The pictured watermelon may not look as red but it was extremely sweet.*

I want to hear what your method for picking out a perfect watermelon is.  And if you actually do pay some sort of attention to my ramblings and end up picking a watermelon using my mom’s method, I would love to hear how that turned out for you.


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  1. MaiBao on

    This man at a farmer’s market told me a very long time ago that he selects his melons by neither smelling nor tapping. He picks the ones with tiny scars and marks. His reasoning behind this is that the scars are made by bugs trying to get into the melons because they’re sweet. It doesn’t really work. :(( Maybe it’s because I don’t know how the scars should look like. But I will definitely try your mom’s method.

    • adoseofmee on

      I can understand why he would think that way but I’m sure bugs don’t discriminate against watermelons. Let me know how your results turn out.

      • MaiBao on

        Okay, so I did say that I was going to try your mom’s method of choosing the perfect watermelon. This summer, all the watermelons I’ve bought, I chose the ones with the smallest “hole.” It works so well! I haven’t had a bad watermelon and all the ones I’ve had this year were so sweet and juicy. Thanks for sharing this with us!

      • adoseofmee on

        I’m glad to hear that my mom’s method works for you. I bought a watermelon last month and left it in the trunk of the car overnight. Took it inside the next day and half of the watermelon was rotten and over-ripe. : ( That’ll teach me to be less lazy.

  2. EmmerTT on

    Whoa, never knew that! Some reason, it makes sense. Did you ask your mom as to why the hole should be small, although the outcome is sweet and ripe? Next time, when i go and buy a watermelon, i’ll try your mom’s way and see if it’s true. Definately will make a post about it in my blog! hehehe

    • adoseofmee on

      That would be awesome. Link back to me when you do!

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