Eggrolls Pictorial

Last week, my sister, Mai Lee, wanted to make eggrolls so she texted me over to help her. We went shopping and got tons of stuff, thinking that we were going to make 120 eggrolls but ended up only making 60, which were gone within hours.  Recipe to be posted at a later date.  Enjoy the pictorial for now.

Eggroll Pictorial

Bean thread noodle soaking in warm water

Bean sprouts


Green onion/cilantro

Shredded carrots

Ground pork

Most of the ingredients

All of the ingredients

Mixing the eggroll filling


Eggroll wrapper

Cooking the eggrolls

Another view


**The peanut dipping sauce recipe and pictorial can be found here.


4 comments so far

  1. EmmerTT on

    I love to eat the skin. My old lady and i used to roll up our eggrolls like that, but not anymore. Instead, we’ll roll it the long way, hotdog way, than egg the end, to make it stick, than at the “end part” we’ll push in to the eggroll. Not sure if that made sense. but my old lady and i found that oil doesn’t get into it as much and we fin it more tastier. haha

    That looks good though. 😀 Makes me want to make some. maybe i’ll do it and mayb eyou can see what i’m talking about. 😀 haha

    • adoseofmee on

      That would be great! I’d love to see how you roll your eggrolls. Please let me know when you make some so I can check out how you roll yours.

  2. hmongcancook on

    Yum. I was craving for some egg rolls, so I ended up buying like two from the store. They were gross! I should’ve known better, but I don’t like to make egg rolls very much. Just like to eat ’em. These look good!

    • adoseofmee on

      I’m the same way! Most restaurant/deli eggrolls are such a disappointment. They’re not as good (too much cabbage, not enough meat, etc.) and are overpriced for being so tiny. Even though they’re time consuming to make, I’d rather eat home-made ones instead of buying them.

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