Steamed Rice Rolls (Fawm Kauv) Video

Fawm Kauv, one of my favorite food.  Enjoy the video!  Here’s the pictorial.


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  1. herbanlifestyle on

    Those look simple and delicious! Thanks so much for the video tutorial.

    • adoseofmee on

      You’re welcome. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. EmmerTT on

    That’s how my old lady taught me how to do it too. Only thing that i have a problem is when mixing the flower. I know, it should be the easiest, but i mess it up all the time, especially the oil. So whenever i make mine, i have to oil the frying pan first.

    • adoseofmee on

      I do the same thing, too. Everytime my rice crepes don’t come out right, I always wipe the pan with an oiled paper towel so the rice crepe can cook evenly.

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