Restaurant Review: Hong Kong Noodle

Restaurant review:  Hong Kong Noodle

One of my favorite Chinese restaurant is Hong Kong Noodle, which is a tiny little restaurant near the U of M.  Wit and Leng first came across it a couple years ago, since they both go to the U of M and ever since we’ve been introduced to the place, it’s become one of our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Here’s what we ordered for 5 people:

*My cup of tea

Ground pork with chives in XO sauce

General Tso’s Chicken

House clams

Eight Treasure Hot Pot

Deep fried frog legs with garlic

Different view

Deep fried sole with garlic (one of our favorite)

Salt and pepper squid (Chong meant to say salt & pepper baby squid but I guess he was too hungry or something)

Salt and pepper pork

Pros:  Great food, great prices, great specials, and friendly staff

Cons:  Small restaurant–may have to wait to get a table, especially if you have a big party (5+ people) or you go during rush hour, but it’s worth the wait, small parking lot (during rush hour) and it’s sometimes difficult to find a parking spot

My personal con is that whenever I go there, I and/or the people I’m with, usually order our favorites so we don’t try new dishes.  And most of the dishes we order consists of meat and more meat because we’re all a bunch of carnivores.  But that doesn’t keep us from going back.

*I took these pictures with my sister’s camera so I had to play with the settings, hence, the first picture is too yellow.


3 comments so far

  1. EmmerTT on

    *tears* I was in MN last weekend for J4, but didnm’t get the chance to really explore MN. The food looks good, much better than the hmong buffet we went too. Such a disappointment!

    Definately a restaurant i need to check out when i’m back in MN. 😀

    • adoseofmee on

      You should definitely hit HKN the next time you’re in MN. Hope you had lots of fun! I heard that the Hmong buffet ran out of food because there was too many people. Hope that didn’t happen to you.

      • EmmerTT on

        When i went, there was barely anyone there. There were tons of food to go around but it was just nasty. Got me thinking, i shoulda went when there were a lot of people just t see how their food is, but than again, i don’t think i want to go there to give another try…

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