Chong and I, along with my younger brother, Wit, cousin, Pua, cousin’s husband, Matt, cousin’s younger brother, Leng, and cousin’s brother’s girlfriend Tia, took a trip to Chicago during Memorial Weekend.  It was a blast!  Chong, Wit, and myself didn’t leave until 5 pm on Friday and it took us about 6 hours to drive to Chicago.  The drive wasn’t as bad as I thought and it didn’t even seem like it was 6 hours long.

We all went to the Willis Tower on Saturday morning and walked around for a while.  I didn’t think it was that interesting.  Here are some views from the 104th floor:

Looking straight down

Afterwards, we had deep-dish pizza at Gino’s, which was a 1.2 mile walk from the Willis Tower.  The pizza was alright–I don’t understand what the big fuss is about.  Came back to the hotel, rested up for an hour or so then Chong, Wit, and I headed out to Mitsuwa, a huge Japanese grocery store.  That was probably one of the best places we went to.  The store was HUGE!!!  Besides being a Japanese grocery store, there was also a liquor store, bookstore, bakery, kitchenware store, DVD store, and 6-7 restaurants with an eating area.

They also had a huge aisle of freshly made sushi and pre-made food.  I don’t have the pictures on my camera so I will upload them when I get them from my brother.

Besides food, we bought a few bottles of sake and some candy!


Chocolate mushrooms (I’ve read about them, seen them online, wanted to eat them, and now I finally have!)

Hi-Chew (they taste like Starburst but are chewier and fruitier)

When we were going back to the hotel, we passed by an Elk Reserve, which was pretty cool.  Pictures to come.

On Sunday morning, we had dim sum in Chinatown and then walk around the Magnificent Mile for about 6 hours.  Not how I would have liked the spend my Sunday but it was good exercise–despite getting blisters on my feet from wearing sandals instead of sneakers.

A mall along the Magnificent Mile

Some more random pictures:

I’m not really the touristy type of person when I’m on vacation.  I just want to do whatever I want to do and not have to worry about packing my schedule so full that I can’t enjoy myself.  Next time I go back to Chicago, I’m definitely hitting Mitsuwa again.  New places I’d like to visit are:  Korean Town and Indian Town.  I can’t wait until our next trip!!!


2 comments so far

  1. emmertt on

    You know what’s funny? I’ve lived in Wisconsin for more than half of my years of life and i’ve only been to Chicago once, and that was for a field trip down to six flags. That’s so sad. Seriously, if I ever get the chance, i want to roam around Chicago and just see places. That’s one of my goals in life, or more like things to do.

    I bet you guys had a blast too! It’s beautiful! Definately a beautiful place!

  2. adoseofmee on

    You should definitely take some time to go visit Chicago. It’s always fun to visit new places and experience new things.

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