Semi-Baking Spree

My 5 year old niece was over a few weeks ago and she wanted to bake cupcakes so we made black-bottom cupcakes (since she loves chocolate).  I think she somewhat associates me with cupcakes because we’ve baked some a few times before.  Her favorite thing to do is decorating them with sprinkles.

Black Bottom Cupcakes

These are REALLY good cold!

I also made some somewhat pitiful looking pretzel because I was craving some.  I made a huge mistake and left the damp pretzels to dry off on top of a towel instead of just laying them for 5 seconds and then placing them on my baking sheet.  After the bottom had dried off, the pretzels stuck to the towel, making them hard to get off.  Now I have a baked dough towel.  : (  I didn’t know how they would turn out but they ended up baking up nicely.  I forgot how to shape the pretzels so mines look huge. But they were good and satisfying and that’s all that matters.


I got some rhubarb from my aunt yesterday and since I’ve been wanting to make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, I decided to make it from scratch, including the dough.  The dough was pretty easy, I don’t understand why I was so hesitant and scared to try it in the first place.  The pie turned out beautiful but it’s really SOUR!  DH doesn’t even like to eat sour fruits so I know he won’t be eating this.  He prefers chocolate covered strawberries to the real thing, unless it’s sweet.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, unbaked


Would you care for a slice of pie?


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  1. emmertt on

    That straberry pie looks amazing,a nd defiantely amazingly GOOD! I wouldn’t mind having more than one piece. 😛

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