Chicken Laab/Larb


*3 chicken breasts

* 1 package of Laab seasoning

* ½ – ¾ cups each of:  Thai basil, mint, cilantro, Vietnamese cilantro & green onions

* black pepper, to taste

* lime juice, to taste

* fish sauce, to taste


  1. Boil the chicken breasts until cooked.  Let cool and then mince.
  2. Add the package of Laab seasoning and black pepper taste.  Toss.
  3. Add freshly squeezed lime juice and fish sauce to taste.  Toss.
  4. Add the Thai basil, mint, cilantro, Vietnamese cilantro and green onions and toss.

Chicken Laab/Larb Pictorial

Cooked chicken breasts


Minced chicken


Fresh mint and Thai basil


Cilantro, Thai basil, Vietname cilantro, mint, and green onion


Laab Seasoning


Laab seasoning + black pepper + minced chicken breast


Mix & add lime juice + fish sauce


Add greens and toss


Dinner! I added some chopped Thai chili peppers on top of my plate.


5 comments so far

  1. Peppermint on


    I love laab. My sister tells me that I make a mean beef laab and whenever I visit, she has to request that I make it. I normally don’t use the laab seasoning and season mine with just the basics: fish sauce, lime juice, and black pepper. However, I’ll throw in some finely minced lemon grass to umph the taste. And to add color, I’ll garnish mine with red chili peppers.

    • adoseofmee on

      I love the grainy texture the laab seasoning gives. I’m too lazy and it’s too much of a hassle to make fresh ground rice so I prefer getting the package. I miss the pork skin, though. I think that’s the best part of eating laab!

  2. Peppermint on

    Oh my! How can I forget the pork skin? No Hmong laj is ever without pork skin.

    Yeah, I love the finely grounded rice too. But I don’t use it too often.

  3. emmertt on

    Aww, where’s the chopped stomach? the skin? those are teh best part! haha it looks delicious though! 😀

  4. emmertt on

    Aish, nvm, i was just thinking laaj the beef way. 😛 scratch the above^^ 😀

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