Happy Holidays!!!

Whew!  It’s mid-afternoon and I’m so tired already!  I’m not even done prepping/cooking half my food!  Good thing both desserts are made and just cooling.  Still have to finish the eggrolls and start on the spring rolls.  Letting the cream cheese soften up a bit before I start on it.

Darn weather!  I wasn’t sure if my side of the family were coming over so I didn’t start prepping yesterday.  It has finally stopped snowing so maybe they’ll make the short drive over in an hour or so.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Will be back later, unless I can’t move.  : )

Updated 12/27/09

I was sooo full but still had the energy to go bowling for 2 hours!  Christmas was a blast this year.  Got a fondue set from my cousin and now my thoughts are filled with what to include for my Hot Pot Night!

Ok, back to the food. I had intended on taking numerous pictures so I can post up some pictorials but things got hectic once I had guests and I was trying to finish up the food because it was getting late so I didn’t have time to take as many photos as I would’ve liked.  *Deep breath*

Chong was a great help in making these potstickers.


Ready to eat!

Eggrolls.  These were sooo good!

These spring rolls were humongous!  And delicious!

Cream cheese puffs

Purple sticky rice my mom made

Key Lime pie

Sliced, top with Cool Whip

Christmas Dinner

had a very successful Christmas this year.  Looking forward to next Christmas!  Hope your day was also filled with fun, food, family, and love!


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  1. emmertt on

    MmMm It’s been forever since i actually had these type of foods instead of my cheap, saggy ways of cooking. Kinda make me miss the old times with friends and families back than!

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