Prepping for Christmas weekend

Where do I begin?  I have no idea where to start.  There are soooo many things that need to be done (cleaning, organizing, making sure I have everything I need, prepping all my food, etc.) that I feel bombarded and don’t want to start anywhere!  Maybe I should wait til Chong comes home…and give him his “To Be Accomplished” list.  He was a good husband and did laundry and washed the dishes last night while I slept.  He always complains that I use so many dishes when I’m cooking.  I guess I do but that’s why we have a dishwasher.  Har har har.  : )

So far, I’m just going to make sticky rice, eggrolls, spring rolls, potstickers, and cream cheese puffs for Christmas dinner.  For dessert, I’m planning on making Key Lime pie, apple pie, and double chocolate cupcakes.  Bought a bag of Key Limes yesterday…I was surprised that they only cost $1.89 for a bag!  Yippee!  Can’t wait to try out the recipe!!!

The cousins and I are going to be baking cookies at my place this weekend.  Might get an early start and bake Chong some peanut butter cookies today.  That is, if I get everything done and still feel like baking.  I know he’s been craving some lately.

My other cousin is having my niece’s birthday on Friday afternoon so if Chong and I do go, that means I’ll have to get my prep work done early.  With the current snow storm that we’re getting, I don’t even know if my family is going to come over for Christmas dinner.  Hence, I don’t want to make so much food for us because leftovers aren’t that good the next day, especially if they’re eggrolls.  So we shall see what will happen tomorrow.  Time to be productive!


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